Borchardt Watch D.O.G.S   

Dads Of Great Students - We Want YOU!!! 

(use above link to put your name on the WatchDOGS interest form)


We look forward to getting the Father Involvement program started and seeing WatchDOGS on campus. Remember to sign the interest form and we will keep you updated on the program.


We are an active Watch DOG school and are always looking for dads/father figures willing to spend the day or a couple of hours on our campus helping our staff and students. Our goal is to have a minimum of 1 dad, grandfather, uncle or father figure per day volunteering at our school.





OFFICIAL WatchDOGS T-shirt, for you and your child to wear on days you volunteer on campus.



Have you done your district required background check?

Note: You must renew every new school year. (Click here for FISD background check). You will NOT be able to volunteer without completing!!  Allow 2 weeks for processing. If you don’t hear back from the district it’s a good thing.


 Interested in helping as a Watch DOG? 




Who can volunteer to be a Watch DOG?

Any father, father figure, uncle or older brother (at least 18 yrs or older) can volunteer. Please remember to have your background check done prior to your volunteer date. Link is provided above. You will not be able to volunteer without it.


How long does it take to do the background check?

After you submit your request, please allow 2 weeks to process. Please plan accordingly when selecting days to volunteer.


I did my background check and haven’t heard back if am I good to go, what do I do?

No news is good news!


How many days can I volunteer?

At this time, you are able to select as many dates as you wish.


It’s difficult for me to take time off work, any ideas on how I can volunteer as a Watch Dog with limited exposure to my paid time off (PTO) or vacation time ?

We understand taking time off effects you’re PTO (Paid Time off) and your vacation schedule. However, your child(ren) will be elated when you are a Watch Dog. Some companies offer days offs to volunteer without affecting your PTO, check with your HR department or supervisor. 


Can I be a Watch DOG for half a day, if my work schedule permits?

ABSOLUTLY! You can volunteer half days. We ask that you volunteer in the morning so you, your child(ren) and school benefit from your attendance. Please notify our Top Dog, Dan Barrientos, at when you schedule your half days so we can plan accordingly.


I picked a day to volunteer but have to reschedule or cancel, what do I do?

We understand schedules can change without notice. Please notify Dan Barrientos as soon as possible at He will communicate with the school on any changes.


Do I need to wear an official watch dog shirt? How about my child(ren)?

Yes and No. Yes, you the Watch Dog must wear an official WATCH DOG shirt? It makes you easily identifiable to the facility and students. No, your child(ren) doesn’t have to wear a “my hero is a Watch Dog” shirt when you volunteer.


How can I purchase a T-Shirt?

Please purchase your t-shirt at the school front office with $15 cash.  


I already have a shirt… can I use my shirt from last year?



My child(ren) has seen other students with those cool Watch DOG pencils and erasers. How can they get one?

Pencils and erasers are only given to Watch DOG volunteers on their first day. They will be given at the end of the day. Don’t worry; each child that has a watch dog volunteer will get their very own doggie bag with pencils and eraser. Yes, your child will get one if you volunteer half day! Doggie bags will be given at the office by our receptionist, Lalinda Page.


I have a question but it’s not on this list, who can I ask?

Contact Dan Barrientos at with any questions or comments.



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