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SUBJECT: Borchardt PTA Newsletter January 2022


Dear Family,

Hope you are safe and healthy, do stay warm in this daily changing weather.

Borchardt PTA is very excited to share the January 2022 newsletter with you which will provide information about what all PTA has done in this school year and what are the upcoming events. 

Active and engaged families are the key to success of Kids, and Borchardt PTA provides parents with the tools to make their child's potential a reality. PTA membership just costs $15 for a family for the complete school year and goes a long way.

Anytime if you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail reachus@borchardtpta.org

PTA President Corner
Romina Sarda - Borchardt PTA President

Dear Borchardt Families,

I became part of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) several years ago. I knew the importance of education and I wanted a way to participate in my children’s education. The PTA allowed me to participate both at the local level and Texas State level. These past few months have been a challenge, but PTA continues its mission to advocate for all children’s education and be a resource for families and communities.

The PTA meets with Borchardt’s staff regularly and we work together to see how best to support the school. Our focus this year has been to support the reading and writing needs of Borchardt students. It is great to know that PTA is making a difference in students' education.

I encourage all Borchardt Families to join the PTA as it is the best tool to be involved in your kids learning journey and help them become successful students.

PTA Gift to School in 2021-22 School Year
  • 35 Reading Calculators 
  • 24 Sight Word Strategy Premium sets 
  • KG to Grade 5 curriculum material
  • Spirit Sticks to recognize student accomplishments and outstanding character development
  • Library books

Total worth $9,500

PTA Completed Events in 2021-22 School Year
  • Chalk the Sidewalk
  • Popsicles in the Park
  • Tears and Cheers
  • Meeting with Principal
  • Reflections 2021-2022
  • Winter Party
  • Recycle 2 Support
  • Staff Appreciation
  • Library Volunteering and Book Fair
  • Spirit Day
PTA Chair of the Month
Vivitha Gopalan - Reflections Chair

Vivitha was a workaholic software engineer back in her home country and settling down slowly and happily into the shoes of a homemaker after moving to Texas. She is gifted with charming kids, Dhanvi (4th grade) & Adhvi (1st grade). She enjoys hiking and learning to stay fit and loves to volunteer for the community. She feels that it helps her to learn new things about this country and culture and connect with more people.

Why PTA from Vivitha - It is my absolute pleasure to be integrated into our PTA family. The PTA provides me an excellent platform to

  • Be supportive to the students by providing opportunity to express their artistic talents through arts in education programs
  • Spend volunteering time in the school campus, making memories of my kids’ childhood (Believe it or not, that recalls lovely memories of my school life)
  • Influence my kids to build their responsibility towards service commitment to school and community in future
  • Connect to the teachers and the administrative staffs in a friendly way
  • Work with other parents to enrich the learning environment for the kids. We get the opportunity to connect with parents from other schools too! That exposes me to new ideas and good knowledge on the happenings around the schools)

I believe our small contributions help Borchardt to shine high! And that makes me feel so happy and proud to be a RBE PTA!!

PTA Recognitions
Reflections 2021-2022 Update
  • 56 Reflections entry submissions under 6 categories from our school this year
  • 18 entries advanced to the council level 
  • Council is planning to display all advanced entries in the "Art @ the Star" show planned in Spring 2022
  • Borchardt PTA will appreciate the artistic talent of every participating kid with certificates and rewards, rewards will be distributed to kids in Spring 2022
  • Council level results for state level advancements to be announced in next two weeks
Upcoming Events & Volunteer Opportunities
Thank You Sponsors

Please join us in thanking our 2020-2021 Sponsors. When you visit their business please be sure to let them know you are with our organization!

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